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Angel Fire Resort Vacation Rentals

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Angel Fire Resort Vacation Rentals

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AFRVR "The Obvious Choice for your Property"

Angel Fire Resort Owned and Operated

We are the "Official Lodging Company or Ange Fire Resort" because we are owned and operated by the Resort. We have the power of our marketing, group sales, amenities and resources as the oldest company in the valley. We represent our property owners and members.

Two-Tiered Revenue Share

You choose when and for how much we rent your unit through a two tiered revenue share program. 60/40% for those who will be using the unit for family during any peak and 70/30% for those who open up their property for rentals during peak.

Commercial Laundry

We own and operate the newest commercial laundry in the valley. Our linen program keeps every change over sanitary and updated.

Linked to Resort Marketing and Amenities

A full time department of marketing professionals support our team in data management, traditional advertising and social outreach. Our Vacation Rental website is both stand alone and linked to the main Angel Fire Resort Website that garners over 75,000 unique visits a month. Our CRM manages hundreds of thousands of previous visitors.

Why Choose Angel Fire Resort Vacation Rentals as your Management Team

At Angel Fire Resort Vacation Rentals, “We ARE the Official Lodging Company of Angel Fire Resort” because we are owned and operated by Angel Fire Resort. Although we are part of the Resort and all 23.000 acres of properties and amenities including the Ski Area, Golf Course, Bike Park and all the venues and activities people love about our town, we know that our fiduciary is with the individual owners of the properties we represent. As a part of the Resort family, we also recognize that our owners are also Our Members!

Even though we are part of the Resort and the largest employer in the valley, our mission at AFRVR is not to be the biggest vacation rental company in Angel Fire; simply the best!

It is our policy to understand how our owners wish to use and present their homes and condos to the public. We provide a two-tiered revenue program so you can choose how much you want to use your property for your family and friends and how much you would like it available for rent to vacationing families. We retain the exclusive right to rent your home or condo but are sensitive to how often and for how much an owner feels they would like to rent THEIR property.

We own and operate a new commercial laundry operated by our housekeeping team that serves all of our units. Our housekeepers live and work here and will have an intimate understanding of your unit, as do our maintenance techs. We are located on prime centralized property in a brick-and-mortar that has been owned and operated as the original Resort Real Estate company for over 50 years. We have a fulltime staff to help from our central reservations team to our licensed property managers and realtors who are part of the larger Resort Team. As a Resort entity we work with our marketing, accounting, reservations, group sales and amenity teams to provide our guests direct access to all the fun that Angel Fire Resort provides. From our Resort website with over 70,000 unique visits a month to the hundreds of thousands of previous guests in our database, we simply have the economies of scale that cannot be duplicated in this valley.

We are linked to OTAs like Airbnb and VRBO, have our own group sales department for tournaments, weddings and special events and operate the central reservation department which not only will book your condo or home for you but also reserve your guests, bike rental, ski lesson and lift tickets. Through our AFRVR booking site we directly link to our activity ecommerce site so your guests can book all these activities on line!

Of course, with the rise of online booking platforms, there are big national companies that have established a presence in Angel Fire. Some of these companies sound good, but they don’t have a permanent office here, their housekeeping and maintenance staffs are outsourced. When you call us, we are actually in Angel Fire and have the power of the Resort behind us! Other “do-it-on-your-own” booking engines have emerged as disruptors to the traditional Property Management model, but more and more we are talking to owners who appreciate the peace of mind in knowing that we are handling the housekeeping, key drops, emergency plumbing issues and making sure the snowplow showed up for your Guests.

As the oldest rental management company in Angel Fire, we are always evolving and seeking new ways to better represent our owner’s properties to market but we will never forget our duties as rental managers to you!

So, if you are a new member, looking for a better solution, tired of getting late night calls at home or simply looking for some rental income for your home or condo, contact one of our Team! We are here to help!

Because you are our Member!

All of the properties in our Vacation Rental pool belong to Members. We know that our Members own and recreate here for a reason; they love Angel Fire Resort and all it offers. You are our most important Guest and we also know that as owners you represent our greatest fan base! You saw the value, the opportunities, the beauty and sense of community here. You “get it”! The love for the area is evident in how you appoint your homes, make memories and share family times. We appreciate that you want to share that with others and take our responsibilities and duties to you as an owner and member to heart. It is core to our operating values. Thank you, for being a member!


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